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Descended from generations of Hispanic Taosenos, her creativity was nourished in a richly diverse and complex cultural environment. 

Her childhood was saturated with Native American ceremonialism, traditional curanderos, Mexican history and mysticism, Hispanic folk art, customs and religious art, and the living presence of the old Taos artists, their art and even traces of Crypto-Jews.
In an imaginary landscape, of intense spirituality, Anita Rodriguez uses brilliant color, dazzling draftsmanship, magical realism, Jungian symbolism, Mexican mysticism, and pungent humor to convey her distinctive perception of her beloved Northern New Mexico. 
Anita is a part of the 
New Mexico tradition 
that has made the southwest a powerful voice in American art.

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Anita Rodriguez PO Box 1057 Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557