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The Hora is traditionally danced at Jewish weddings. During the Holy Inquisition all marriages   had to be publicly celebrated in the Catholic Church, and so this family found a deserted ruin in which to secretly celebrate this wedding in their true religion   

Acrylic on wood and Masonite 
40" x 51 1/2"        

Hidden from the eyes of the Holy Inquisition, a Jewish wedding is secretly celebrated in a ruined house beneath a twilight sky. The lookout watching out for Christians in the valley below. 

Acrylic on wood and Masonite
37 1/2" x 52"  

Anita's Crypto Jew nichos are a both literally and symbolically a story within a story, a painting within a painting, representing the dual religious practices of Crypto-Jews who came to New Mexico to escape the Inquisition. 

These nichos have Catholic traditions on the outside of the piece. Doors open to reveal the Jewish traditions which are being practiced in secret.

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