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Desert Marimba Morning
Acrylic on wood
13 ¼” x 28”; 11/06; $1,200.00	 

The transparent wall could be the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious, a transparent barrier with a door.
Pascuaro En La Tierra Del Sol – Passover in the Land of the Sun
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
37 ½” x 52” 5/91

A Crypto-Jew family, who could be anywhere in the Spanish-speaking Americas, are preparing to celebrate Passover.
Angels, Ancestors and Living Walls of Mud
36" x 48" 2013

Acrylic on wood
24” X 12”; 11/06

I have photographed two remarkable potters in my life, one in Egypt and the second is my neighbor Victor in Barrio Nuevo.  Both of them use the same, ancient primitive wheel, both fire in adobe ovens with wood.
Madre Tierra
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
46 ¼” X 33 ¼”; 1990

She is the source of all our food, mother of the animals, the giver of water and life – and she is also the grave that shelters us at the end of each cycle.
Love, Lace and Lowriders
35" x 48"  1998
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
Transcendant Lowrider
36" x 48"  2015
Acrylic on wood and masonite
Mis Antepasados
23 1/4" x 47" 1998
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
Jungle Jitterbug
42" x 24"  2012
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
Orlando and Her Green Car
12’ x 24’ 	11/06
Acrylic on wood
24” x 12”	11/06
Acrylic on wood
Archangel Gabriel, The Healer
23 1/2" x 13 1/2" (with optional shelf 3 1/2" x 18" x 5 1/2")
12 ¾” x 14”	6/14
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
Nopal Y La Bufa
Acrylic on canvas board
19” x 16”; 6/08
The nopal is ubiquitous in Mexico.  There are places where there are literally miles and miles of these magnificent plants, which grow higher than a man and are a staple food and popular remedy.
Guanajuato at Night – Fiesta of Our Lady of Guanajuato
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
32” x 43”; 12/06

This painting is based on Guanajuato streets, photographs of friends and neighbors, and of the feast days in honor of Our Lady of Guanajuato.
Acrylic on wood and Masonite 
40" x 51 1/2"    2006
    The Hora is traditionally danced at Jewish weddings. During the Holy Inquisition all marriages had to be publicly celebrated in the Catholic Church, and so this family found a deserted ruin in which to celebrate this wedding.
Parranda de Los muertos 4
 12" x 12"   3/15
 Acrylic on I framed canvas
Smiling Taco Vendor 
Acrylic on wood
24” X 12”; 2/07
The face is that of a street vendor in Guanajuato, but I was also thinking about looking at things through cut glass, or a stained-glass window, and about the way that light breaks up like crystals.
Nuestra Señora de los Remedios
Acrylic on sugar pine; (Triptych with repiso, or shelf and donations box)
1 of 4 - 20” x 40” / 
2 of  4 - 51’ x 32” / 
3 of 4 – 20” x 40” / 
4 of 4 – 84” 
length, 11” high, 6” depth  7/13
Originally conceived for the waiting room of a clinic.
Boda Ocultado
Acrylic on wood and Masonite 
37” x 52”; 10/98
From the Crypto-Jew series.  Hidden from the eyes of the Holy Inquisition, a Jewish wedding is secretly celebrated in a ruined house somewhere in the Americas.
The Burning of Eden

Acrylic on wood and Masonite
41" x 28'     2002

     This is a self-portrait of the artist holding the most fortuitous of the Tarot cards.  The view from the window is from a favorite restaurant in Guanajuato, El Gallo Pitagorico or The Pythagorean Rooster.
Sugar Skulls
Acrylic on marine-grade oak ply
23 ¾” x 13 ¼”; 6/12
Day of the Dead is beloved by Mexican children on account of the toys and especially colorfully decorated candies that are made in the shape of skulls.
The Priestess
Acrylic on wood; 17 ¾” X 12”; 1/10

From the Tarot card II.  She holds the Torah in her lap, glowing with power and light.  Behind her the veil of secrecy hangs between her and the ocean – symbolizing the unconscious, and at her feet is the moon and an egg.
The Star
15 ½” X 12”; 1/10; 
From the Tarot, card XVII.  She pours the water of life on both the ground and into the pool, and rests one foot on the earth and the other in the water.  She signifies beauty and youth, and an established, balanced place in the world.
Nopal Y La Casa Rosa

Acrylic on canvas board
17 ¼” x 14 ¼”; 6/08; 
This nopal, or giant prickly pear, grew outside the guest house window of La Casa Rosa, where I was a guest in Guanajuato.
Study for Parranda de los Muertos
12" x 12"   2015
Acrylic on unframed canvas
Iguana and Tropical Storm
12 1/2" x 14"       2015
Acrylic on wood and Masonite
Secret Friday
18 3/4" x 24" 2014
Acrylic on wood
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“Bailando en el umbral de eternidad” or “Dancing in The Threshold of Eternity” 
53 ½” x 37 ¾”	

This talks about the vibration of life, the dance of atoms, what Max Plank called “the force that holds the minute solar system of the atom together.”
“The Solar Low Rider Coyota Fiesta Rainbow Parade”
12” x 36”	

The ribbon says it all, a parade celebrates the new paradigm of ecological sustainability and universal inclusiveness.
"Posadas y el secreto” (nicho)
15” x 17” x 2 ½”	3/17
A little box with doors. When closed they show Las Posadas as celebrated at Christmas. The congregation is in procession holding candles.
When the doors are open we see a crypto-Jewish family secretly celebrating Hanukah.
“Mariachis y luna llena”
12” x 36” 	

You know that stage of a fiesta when nobody is left but the mariachis, a few hard-core hangers-on and a steamy pair on the make?
“Trampas en el atardecer” or “Trampas in The evening”
48” X 24”	3/16

From the clouds above San Jose de Gracia and San Juan look down on the village whose church and feast day are dedicated to them, respectively.
“Cuando murió doña Julieta” or “When Madam Julieta died.”
12” x 36”	
Acrylic $1,460.00

In Spanish, the caption on the ribbons says: “When doña Julieta died coyotes sang and among the mourners was a crow.”
“Secret Sabbath”
10” x 8”	
In how many adobe houses tucked into villages of New Mexico are candles still lit on Fridays - perhaps by women who have forgotten the origin?
“The Water Protector”
51” x 33”	10/16

The ancient Mexica goddess Mictlantecuitli towers over the lone woman, who holds up a single eagle feather, protecting the spring of sparkling water.
“Poppies I”	
Acrylic	6/14
12” x 14’	 

Every year I wait for my poppies, their rich silkiness and that chile-hot vermillion is always new, every time.  Who can resist poppies?
“Poppies II”
Acrylic	6/14
12” x 14’	 

Under the turbulent skies of early summer poppies celebrate just being beautiful!
“Cantante pelona I” (Orange sky)
12” x 12” 	6/16

“La Pelona” is one of many names for death, and here on Day of The Dead a singer comes back to belt out one of those belly-deep, heartfelt corridos.
“Cantante pelona II” (Pink skirt)
12” x 12” 	3/18

When the living have gone home and left their offerings on the graves, the party begins.  That is the narrative, but pink satin is the sensation…
La“Santisima cuidando mi pueblo”
16” x 12”	9/17

La Santisima Muerte is pre-Christian, she towers above the mountains, blessing her devotees with protection from violence and a good death.
“Our Lady of Remedies”
7 ½” x 6 ½”
Acrylic on plaster
Thinking of Mexico, the shrines lavished with gold leaf to Our Lady of Remedies who has the power to heal the wounds of the Conquest.
“Madre de mi tierra” 
20 ½” x 14”	7/15
Acrylic on wood

I have finally stopped asking myself why I paint so many versions of The Great Mother and accepted that it is a form of worship.
“San Francisco”
12” x 9”	3/17
Acrylic on wood
In my village of Ranchos the church of San Francisco de Assis still celebrates the Blessing of The Animals.
“Life After Death
17 ¼” x 14 ¼”	3/17

A tribute to Eros, to the joy of sex and life –opposed to Thantos, of obscene weaponry and the grisly pornography of war.
12” x 36” 	7/17
Acrylic on unframed canvas

You know those busybodies who go to funerals even if they were the deceased’s worst enemy and make long-winded, dramatic eulogies?
“Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, Ghandi, Nezhuacoyotl, and Martin Luther King”
18” x 36”	3/16
Acrylic on unframed canvas

These great minds were not contemporaries, but there is no time or space in heaven where they are.
“Dreaming My Low Rider Winter”
18” x 36”	6/16

Anyone who has spent a winter in rural New Mexico can relate to this.
“Karina’s Dream”
24 ½’ x 19 ¼’ 	2007

	Sometimes the buyer is the only one who knows what a painting is about.  This one is a mystery to me.
.“Encandadora del otro lado”  or “Enchantress from the other side”
12” x 12 x 2 ½”
Acrylic on canvas

	A sensual tropical night, Pan lurking in the cemetery vegetation where the joys of the flesh turn to dust, but the joy of life is eternal.
A side view, showing the hidden Pan playing his flute.  Each side has  another little painting on it – 4 paintings in one.
“Pie for the Deceased”
42” x 48”	4/15
Acrylic on wood and Masonite

This painting is on the cover of my book, “Coyote in the Kitchen,” (UNM Press), and features all the characters.